Why You Need To Increase Your Self Confidence

in this blog you will find how you can increase you self confidence and self esteem or how you can boost your self esteem.

Alright so you want to increase your self confidence or if you are questioning from yourself about self-confidence or self-esteem so in this blog i will write about everything about self-confidence and self-esteem.

In this blog i will write about myself and  about how i get out of low self-confidence and low self-esteem. So when i was in my high school i was too weak and i was always bullied by other student And I always want to beat him but as i said i was not strong or muscular i could not do it. But now, i know why i could not beat him or why i not plucked up to say stop to do this all nonsense thing about bullying anyone.

I always want to say that but i couldn't do that because of my low self confidence so after two years i promised to myself  i will change my fucking life so after i tried to be best of myself my first step was increase my self-confidence so i researched about everything but i did not get result it was like i remembered some thing and after couple of days i forget everything.

why you need to increase your serlf confidence

So there is 5 thing according to me that will help you to increase self confidence

1. You need to visualise your self as what you want to be.

First of all you need to proud of yourself what you are. and You have to accept all of your negative and positive thing about yourself. And if you don't like about your negative things you need to change it and don't worry if you struggled to change because you are the average of 10 people of your friend circle or in your surrounding people.

2. Do one thing in a day that scares you.

You know our brain is too complicated i don't know why. Our mind always scares you to do that type of things that takes you out from you comfort zone. But that will be great exercise to built a great self-confidence;

3. You need to get out of you from the fear of rejection.

Believe that no one want to face any type of rejection in his or her life. But that is a sour truth of life a person in life many times faces a many type of rejection it can be small or big for herself of himself. So you need to move on from the rejection because it is not always you why you face rejection rejection cause can be anything.

4. You need to change of your mindset to winners mindset.

Means  you need to set your goal and you have to take actions for achieve that goal and if you achieve that goal you need to set harder goal that improves your life. Winners always take actions immediately without to much arguing himself.

5. You need to set your mindset to equality mentality.

In this world no one is perfect and a under confident person always look himself to lower than others so you need to see yourself equal to others. It may be you don't know what others know but i am sure you have always have anything that will make you different from others. so you have to love yourself and always need to grow with time.

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