How You Can Beat Your Fear That Let You Down

Alright, so here i am back with new post as you know in our life we faced many fear and in this post i am not going to talk about what is that type of feat that let you down or hold you back in your life if you want to know you can clink here. and in this post i will talk about how you can overcome your fear or anxiety.

1. Be relaxed and focus on your breadth.

what you think you are unique in this world you know there is lot of people who feel fear or anxiety to do something new and you are one of them you don't need to regret about yourself you are normal and good thing is that you know you weakness and you want to improve yourself simple it takes time. so you don't need to worry about anything simple just focus on your breadth and be relaxed.

2. Just do this freak-in  thing that scares you.

You know there is only one thing how you can beat your fear just do that thing that scares you. I know it will be complicated you can overthink about things how will you do that and when but you know i am going a fact about life is It is never what you think it is.

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