How To Improve Your Dressing Sense

with 5 ways you can be look stylish and you can improve your dressing sense and why you should do improve your dressing sense.

Alright, So here i am back with new post In this post i have wrote about how you can improve of dressing sense and how you can look good and classy.

So as you know 2 to three year ago i always looks stupid i don't know how to look simple but cool, and i don't know what to purchase and how to organise your wardrobe with good things.

accessories as you know i was tired to live with this fucking life so i decided i will improve myself so that i can enjoy my life So after that i learned too many things to how to look good.

I done some google search and i seen too much video on you-tube to improve my dressing sense and i know if i can do so can do too.

So i am going to share with you five things with this if you implement this things in your life you can be have great dressing sense.
How To Improve Your Dressing Sense

1. Ok the first thing is you have to focus on basics.

Forget about everything  and focus on basics of dressing means let suppose if you are going for a date what type you can prefer to wear you can wear a suit or you can also wear a casual white t-shirt with dark washed jeans.

So what you thing what you need to wear i know you will wear a t-shirt with dark washed jeans with this you know when to wear a t-shirt or suit it depends on occasions.

2. Focus on colour of clothes.

So colour of you cloths highly effects on your personality You know i seen many people they can wear anything they and they don't which colour of cloths he need to buy first.

I have done this mistakes too but not after now. Their are too many colours in world and their is too many people with different skin tone but their is many universal colour that is always cool on all type of skin toned people that colour is black and white.

And you can try teal, taupe, navy blue but for first i will suggest you white t-shirt.

3. Fit is too important.

Fit is always comes first to improve your dressing sense for skinny persons.

He always need to wear regular fit clothes not too sticking shirt and not too loose cloths.

And you know if you done mastery in fitting or how to identify your fit i am sure i will get positive result for your dressing sense.

4. Layering

You know sometimes you have to many things to wear and actually.

you are tired to wear same type of clothes my time with same style so don't worry you can try layering there is many simple rules you can do for layering.

You can wear a t-shirt and on this you can wear a denim-shirt or denim jacket with jeans or chinos i am sure you will look great. It all depends on how you can differently match colours.

5. Follow the trend but not blindly.

So If you want to be look good in your friend circle so simple you can follow the trend but not blindly means trends always change with time and occasions and seasons too so in this case you always can't follow trends and with you can full your wardrobe with unnecessary things and cloths.

okay these are my opinions regarding how to improve your dressing sense and if want to know more about any thing you can simply comment.

ok stay tuned with me

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