Success Way Leads to Failure

Alright so here i am back with new post so in this blog i will share about my thinking about failure, and how i was 3 year ago and now i am what so when i was in my high school for me failure means i person who fails in exam but it is whole different meaning of failure in real life world

Success Way Leads to Failure

 you know for me a person who stop trying to take action for achieve his real life goal lets take an example by the way recently i have joined the gym because  i am not too strong and i can't live with this fucking life so i decided to join gym my first day was not too good i feels too much pain in my body and my body wants rest so after this i didn't go for two consecutive weeks so in this time i was thinking why i need to gym i am interested  to play any competition so why, i know i was stupid but after that i remembered my first goal it was to be strong so after i started exercise in gym and after that i never missed my exercise so for you what is the conclusion of all of that story, and  the conclusion is when you stop trying to doing for your goal it is failure and you stop trying to do action means you never gonna achieve your goal and now you became a failure. But if you do some actions for your future or achieve your goal it means now or after that you are not a failure but you not a winner too so keep trying to do and never stop.

So till now i wrote about meaning of failure but now we want to be winner so do think any one who is successful in his life he have not face any failure. A successful person always learn from his mistakes take make him a failure and never do same thing again and again.

If you done a same thing again and again tell me how you can expect different result.

If you want to winner from failure you have to take action with good strategy but most important take action i know it may takes time to get result but i a damn sure you will get good result.

I hope you like my post and if you like my post never forget to leave a comment it will motivate me. I know for motivation you do not need any one. but if you leave comments it will show my progress and stay tuned with me bye bye.

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