6 Fear That Hold You Back

Alright, so here i am back again with my new post as you know we all are human being and in our life we faced many fears or we always afraid to do something new but you know fear always ends when we beat our source of fear you know fear is the thing with this in we defeat this freakin ear we can improve our self  or we can be a better version of ourself. So there is too many fear can be have for a human life a man how always scare to talk with his crush or a man who wants a job but afraid to give an interview, fear can be anything so i going to write about 5 fear that hold you back in your life.

6 Fear That Hold You Back

1. Fear tell you  to avoid doing new thing or awkward things.

Means that type of fear always hold you back that tell you to avoid to do something new things. You know for your life survival you need to get out of your comfort zone and this fear can be a chance to get out of your comfort zone.

2. Fear of interact with unknown person.

You know in your life you meet many people and you interacted with them but you know problem is where when you thinking about how you can interact with people with fearfully and you always hesitate to introduce yourself to other and seriously that fear always keep your life as hell.

3. Fear of image of yourself in other's eye or mind.

You know there is always sometime you have the fear of your self image in other's mind means you always want to be kind or good person in other's mind and sometimes you need to be a strict person or you need to fight with other so in this case you can be have of self image in other's person it can be negative or positive but as my experience i don't think you don't need to give him a shit what they think about your self be real be yourself.

4. Fear that sees only downside.

We always need to defeat that type of fear, that type of  fear sees always downside you need to see also growth of youself when you defeat that type of fear and when actually you take action to defeat that fear will be lose  to you.

5. Fearful mind always build a wall between you and your dream.

You should be afraid that your mind will never say that you can never do this work

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